Thanksgiving, provides us ready-made precious time to practice a heart full of grace. We have heard the multi-benefits of gratitude including health, social, emotional, personality, and career enhancements. Grace can help all around to generate happiness and contentment. What a gift to ourselves, just be THANKFUL!


Thanksgiving brings great time for family gatherings. Food, fun, laughter, spirits, and joy are included in the party. It is truly a great time for my family and me. And we know what comes with family… the perfect opportunity to practice consciousness. After having already completed an abundance of work on acceptance and love, your sister touches your inner child’s wound. Out of nowhere comes an insatiable need to be right, urge to argue, be defensive, and have general madness.


How in the world did that get in on Thanksgiving! I invited her and the rest of the gang, thrilled that they would come from afar and stay with us for 5 nights. Having children of my own, it is easier for them to come to our home. We had a lovely, scrumptious dinner, heartfelt prayers, favorite Thanksgiving memories, fun sight-seeing adventures, and a lively game of “Cards Against Humanity.” What is wrong with me?!


Wait a minute…at least I am noticing my behavior. Actually, I did not act out on the wounds as much as I have in the past. Instead, I was much more introspective–aggravated with a curious twist. Why do we play this same scenario out, over and over? From my perspective, how can I be different? What can I give her that would make her feel less of the same things my wounds bring up for me? How can I just be loving and accepting?


My sister and I are one-day less than a year apart–true Irish twins. We experienced an emotionally unavailable mother that did her very best amidst her own depression, loss of a child, additional siblings, and more sadness and disappointments. Nancy and I have very similar wounds that are evident when looking at our own relationship, those that we each had with our mother, our siblings, and romantic relationships as well. We are both seekers and healers and want to be truly “conscious”– giving each other the perfect place to practice such. 

I am truly grateful for my twin!


Today I give myself some slack and realize I am not Buddha, I am a conscious work in progress as we all are. This season I noticed I am pausing more, I am listening to me more, and I have stronger loving boundaries. This is progress! Maybe today you too can reflect with curiosity, and see those that touch your wounds as a gift to help them heal. As you know,  there is another family holiday season in a few short weeks for more time to practice!


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