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Kathy’s background includes 24 years as President and CEO of a successful direct mail and database marketing company in Richmond, VA. She is well trained in sales, management, leadership, and team building. As she navigated challenging business and personal situations with grace, positivity, and abundance, others noticed and leaned in for inspiration. She has loved voluntarily coaching friends, family, and business associates for the last 15 years.

In addition, she thoroughly enjoys parenting three children. When her youngest child departed for college in the Fall of 2019, she accepted the calling and made coaching her primary business. Coupling her business experience with over 30 years of self-development studies gives her a strong coaching foundation both in business and personal arenas. 

She shares her learnings through her blog, podcasts, video programs, social media, and workshops.

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Kathy's Story

Born in Atlanta, GA in the 1960s, I grew up in a Catholic family. My childhood was fairly “normal” being the oldest of 4. My family was transferred to Richmond in the late 1970s, I finished high school, went on to attend college, married a Richmonder, started a successful marketing business, and had three beautiful children. My business was awarded accolades and I taught Sunday school. It all looked very lovely, yet I felt totally unfulfilled.

I had been on a path of personal development from my early teens, but in those early years I had no self-confidence, authenticity, or understanding of my worth. I was a people pleaser, saying YES when I wanted to say NO. Or more often than not, I had absolutely no idea of what I really wanted except that I was striving for perfectionism and was afraid to truly be seen. I was voiceless and felt I was without merit.

My spiritual journey really started when I could start dealing with challenges and not perfection. I divorced, ran a marathon, and navigated the diagnosis of leukemia in my eleven-year-old daughter.  I staged a really brief second marriage all from the PICU. Another divorce really brought me introspection. I finally started to become vulnerable, including looking at my shadows. I had more years of business, toxic relationships, cancer relapses, and elder care to navigate. There were many highlights and I made many mistakes. 

I always wanted to start a coaching business to share what I was living and learning and, particularly, how to navigate difficult scenarios and emotions, find self-worth, and love and fulfill life’s desires. I am so blessed to finally answer the call of my life purpose…I am a life coach in the business of helping others!

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