Self-Deprecation or Self-Sabotage?

I have always been attracted to a self-deprecating sense of humor. Doesn’t everyone appreciate a person who can laugh at themself? Woody Allen, Tina Fey and one of me and my family’s absolute favorite comedians, Brian Regan are just a few that pop in mind as self-depreciation geniuses. There have been many road trips with all the kids in tow that Brian Reagan (totally clean humor) kept us entertained and in stitches.

Gifts from My Ghosts

Here I am in my fifties and just recently became familiar with the term, ghosting. Ghosting is the act of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. Have you had any experience with this  phenomenon? The good news is; up until now, I have had no real …

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Christmas 2019

Wishing you so much Joy this Season!   I can’t remember having a Christmas Season feeling this much joy and peace.   Don’t get me wrong, I have been triggered plenty-particularly this week with family pressures of who gets time with whom, where and when. And a past relationship hurt that I thought I was …

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In the Hallway

Have you ever been in that in-between time when the emotions of fear and uncertainty surrounding your future overwhelm you? Maybe you are in-between relationships, jobs, education, careers, or spiritual paths. It could be that the space is a natural evolution, or it could be you decided that you needed something different.  Some are extreme …

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Thanksgiving, provides us ready-made precious time to practice a heart full of grace. We have heard the multi-benefits of gratitude including health, social, emotional, personality, and career enhancements. Grace can help all around to generate happiness and contentment. What a gift to ourselves, just be THANKFUL! Thanksgiving brings great time for family gatherings. Food, fun, …

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